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The bottom of a pot lu ze looked at zhou aizhen who had a smile in her eyes and knew what she was thinking he reached out and fiddled with her hair hanging around her waist and hummed softly.

After going back and forth a few times zhou aizhen gave up resistance picked up the cup to rinse her mouth and lu ze on the side followed Cbd For Sleep Gummies can you get a rash from cbd oil suit zhou aizhen reached out to grab the towel on.

The back mountain guo hong hong jianai really didn t know so she pulled her to speak said I saw the team sending people to the back mountain every afternoon these days at first I thought it.

People went out feng yan took off the quilt from aizhen s body propped up aizhen s legs looked down and saw the black hair terrified with a trembling she shouted loudly osmanthus fragrans i.

The children s enthusiasm for lu ze faded away and with the meat that li s mother bought can you get a rash from cbd oil today she cooked braised pork da an and lingling sat close to the meat and the seat next to him was.

This liangen is weighing the child they suddenly thought of what other women and girls in the base said don t expect men to take care of their children thank god if they don t make trouble.

Was not at home he was very obedient in his stomach and there was no big movement when lu ze heard that the child didn t bother her he took the wiped towel putting it aside why didn t mother.

Brother lu seems a little unhappy cao hua told sister aizhen and accidentally raised her eyes to see big brother lu talking to han jianguo with a cold face zhou aizhen followed cao hua s.

Eldest sister but she didn t know what they said and she still had a smile on her face seeing her smile lu ze was slightly relieved lingling jumped down the steps and ran towards the aunt.

Afternoon when lu ze got home at night he saw that the lights in the children s room were still on so he hung his hat on the shelf and looked towards the children the children went to the.

After washing the dishes the circle didn t see the son in law where s daze took the kids out to play zhou aizhen took out the dirty clothes from lu ze s bag and can i sell cbd oil on etsy put them in the basin to soak.

Walked forward quickly with a big belly lu ze saw that there was a smile on her face and looked away there are many people at noon so I will come out after a while she has a big belly so.

To the sink to wash the vegetables the clothes will be collected when you come back you can go to rest for a while he has been digging the ground all morning without stopping and he has to.

Could relax a bit willing she wants to sleep with father li and she can only sleep with her alone I ll come tomorrow lu ze reached out and squeezed her shoulders to relax zhou aizhen thought.

Turned her head and saw that there was a box of cream on the table not far from her author has saying see you at noon zhou aizhen looked at the cream on the table and thought of seeing lu ze.

Stuffed the cloth she bought in the city into the bag leave this for the children to make clothes lu moli went to get the cloth in the bag zhou aizhen took the bag to avoid her outstretched.

Father li wanted to send lu ze wrote this down and will reply to his family when he goes to the team tomorrow lu ze hung up his clothes washed up and went back to bed how much food Cbd Sleep Aid beat deal on real cbd oil do you.

Was and smiled on her face aunt xia the first person she met in this can you get a rash from cbd oil world helped her a lot busy it s really you I thought I was wrong wang excited xia stepped forward to hold aizhen and went.

Lu ze carried her to the closet opened the closet .

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Wyld Cbd Gummies Review beat deal on real cbd oil, can you get a rash from cbd oil Does Cbd Help Sleep Best Cbd Oil For Sleep. with his free hand took out the shirt and pointed at her again pants out come holding the clothes in both hands zhou aizhen tilted her head.

Prepare in advance lu ze paused for a few seconds and replied you are waiting for me to come back here I will come back to see you and the children whenever there is a holiday the transferred.

Lightly pushed against his palm and gave a pause to the recovered hand best cbd oil for endometriosis pain the fetal movement under his hands followed and lu ze looked down at the small bulge protruding from the center of his.

Coming back the two of them ran up to him with the abacus and told their mother to teach them how to abacus lu ze looked at the two people s small hands moving up and down on the abacus.

Unnatural expression in front of him and vaguely seemed to know what he was going to say seeing that lu ze didn t say a word cao lin cut straight to the point I want to date your sister he.

To the hospital yesterday and was exhausted physically and mentally everyone must not stay up late take good care of your body and hug zhou aizhen stood outside the kitchen and waited until.

Wu is still sleeping on the bed it s time to make a fuss after waking up the child lu ze stared looking at her flushed face he stretched out his hand to pinch her can you get a rash from cbd oil chin and leaned closer hmm.

On his is cbd oil legal in massachusets side on the bed just as he was about to take off his clothes he saw lu ze standing motionless beside the bed she opened her mouth and wanted to ask him to go aside but when she.

Every afternoon once she passed by and looked at what seemed to be seeds in their hands cao hua didn t realize until now her eyes lit up you mean they are you growing something to eat I m.

Again let s go find aunt zhou aizhen smiled and pulled da an back face to go when they walked to the corner of the wall they saw cao lin talking with lu moli after cao lin confessed his.

Face in both hands and rubbed the corners of her eyes with his fingertips then it s your money the author has something to say the red envelopes in the last chapter have been sent out after.

Will not be moved to the fifth floor for her but it should be moved to other family buildings if its rules and regulations are changed because others come and talk about it a few times it.

Next to her said this and it had nothing to do with her the son rushed out mother where s the calendar at home wang guihua s son has been looking for it for a long time no calendar found it.

And water from her son in law swallowed it in one gulp and returned the water glass to her son in law love is true promised can you get a rash from cbd oil not to divorce when lu can you get a rash from cbd oil ze heard this the tips of his fingers.

Han jianguo asked what s that white thing on his face han jianguo I don t know what vernix is but I thought it was something like ashes why don t you wash the child lu ze glanced at him and.

Burn a brazier in the house to keep warm the fire beat deal on real cbd oil Cbd Oil For Sleep was used more than in previous years before the end of the year more than half of the firewood had been .

Is Cbd Gummies Better Than Cbd Oil

Wyld Cbd Gummies Review beat deal on real cbd oil, can you get a rash from cbd oil Does Cbd Help Sleep Best Cbd Oil For Sleep. used up the snow was so heavy that.

Getting late can you get a rash from cbd oil and she should go back da an moved her head and closed her eyes the two people in the room fell asleep so she got up and walked to the window she stretched out her hand to push.

Silent .

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Wyld Cbd Gummies Review beat deal on real cbd oil, can you get a rash from cbd oil Does Cbd Help Sleep Best Cbd Oil For Sleep. for a while mother li calmed down pulled a bench aside and sat down next to her daughter and said are you still thinking about that sun shihai zhou aizhen heard Cbd And Melatonin can you get a rash from cbd oil about sun shihai but.

But he also needs him to support her and niu niu the more she thought about it the more uncomfortable she felt she stood up and opened the door walking through the living room pushing open.

Her top was taken off side she looked at the time .

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beat deal on real cbd oil Cbd Oil Sleep Best Cbd Gummies For Sleep can you get a rash from cbd oil Godoy Cordoba. and if it was quicker she would let go and close her eyes seeing her stunned lu ze smiled and said it s not that I don t want to wear.

Night she looked at goudan beside her but she didn t expect him to be goudan s father seeing that cao lin agreed mother li asked everyone to wash their hands and she went to the kitchen to.

Mother li to distract her mother li confessed you pay attention at the door come on call me when you see someone knew zhou aizhen reassured mother li that she would watch carefully lu moli.

All heard that the wife of the regiment leader lu came to join the army zhou aizhen heard the movement after drying his hands with water he walked to the living room and saw a few young men.

The people on the stage called her name zhou aizhen asked the children to sit down guo hong watch the children for me I will come down in a while there were a lot of people in the.

Of them looked at each other his eyes were very sharp which made people feel oppressed she chose to look away when she looked at each other his eyes moved down and landed on his tall nose.

Over and sat up and said with a smile I m just a little bored at home when you re free bring me some books to read when the children went out to play she reading books can pass some time if.

Behind the table didn t speak any more they went out as soon as I left the room I heard the noise of people talking cao hua curiously stretched her head to look at the room with the open.

Zhou aizhen talked about the desired hairstyle now that the weather is hot it s easy to wash when the cut is cool da an s eyebrows and eyes are very suitable for this clean and neat.

The supply and can you get a rash from cbd oil marketing cooperative after dinner in the evening zhou aizhen followed lu ze and took the children for a walk as soon as they got downstairs the three children broke free from.

Seeing aizhen guo hongguang looked envious she also felt that she was so lucky today that she was able to get this prize piece of land before coming here she was still thinking that as long.

Heard it wrong no definitely asked again seeing her questioning lu ze hummed lightly zhou ai was really confused its not right didn t the divorce report come down a long time ago for this.

Beginning of autumn if we delay we won t be able to grow many vegetables zhou ai really wanted to choose about the water I was a little confused when can you get a rash from cbd oil I heard guo hong s autumn harvest and.

After the bed was made lu ze sent lao zhang out followed him to get the quilt and came back to make the bed once the bed was made zhou aizhen took da an and lingling after washing climbing.

T know if the place where lu ze was transferred could join the army even if he could join the army she didn t know if there was a school where da an and lingling could go to school discuss.

And the arms around his waist unconsciously tightened you mean that the eldest brother in law likes a man lu ze hummed she remembered that she had never written that lu moli s husband liked.

Did not object to learning abacus and mental arithmetic and Cbd Sleep Aid beat deal on real cbd oil she could teach them both Cbd And Melatonin can you get a rash from cbd oil together when she taught guo hong in the future one to nine to one two to eight to one three to seven to.

Baby in my arms han jianguo saw his sister in law coming out with the child in her arms he wanted to see the child but it body care renewal cbd oil was inconvenient for him to come sister yan xiaohua zhou aizhen.

Zhou aizhen wanted to go to the bathroom while half asleep and half awake but just about to get up she just felt as soon as he sank the whole person was pressed on the bed and could not move.

The water she had a ladle in her hand my daughter is in confinement now and she can t touch any cold water she even uses hot water to wash her face when she gave birth to the third child li.

And lingling hugged the grandma in their arms tightly they want to stay here with grandma go back I ll take the kids here to watch mother come and replace me tomorrow after you get off work.

Rested on as the days passed there was still no news from lu ze and mother li who had always been calm began to feel a little worried aizhen is there any news about daze in the team no she.

Feng yan and wang guihua arguing I don t know what to say aizhen what is the best oil of cbd and thc fi you go back we re fine feng yan pulled wang gui behind her and told aizhen to go back first zhou aizhen glanced at the.

Again took lingling back to the house and closed the door she put down the bag in her hand walked to the balcony and looked can you get a rash from cbd oil at the field she had drawn there were two men in the field a.

Up the candy looked up to aunt cao hua nodded to how quickly does cbd oil work on anxiety him thank you grandma seeing his aunt nodding goudan stretched out his hand to pick up the candy the child is so good mother li felt warm.

Head and asked lu ze who does cbd oil help with brain inflammation was sweeping the garbage on the floor is this stove a bit small she remembered that the stove she saw at her vital cbd oil grandma s house seemed bigger than this one and the one.

T strain your waist after speaking he lightly supported her waist with both hands and turned her over before zhou aizhen could refuse she was already lying on her side on the bed her current.

Mother s eyes lit baking utensils for cbd oil up when she heard it and she had an idea in her heart but it was hard to say outside so she didn t continue said zhou aizhen saw li s mother move her mouth as if she wanted.

Faltering and blocking the door and when she understood her old face became hot and she calmly said I almost forgot about da an is cannabis cbd oil legal the clothes we changed have not been washed after speaking.

Brought the children down zhou aizhen just now go down can you get a rash from cbd oil it s time to eat soon so don t stop me mother li frowned and looked at her daughter haven t lu ze and the others come back yet zhou.

In the morning when she comes back in the evening she will ask lu ze if he is free the day after tomorrow if the two of them go together they can not only be a companion but also buy more.

More trips when li s mother heard that there was no school she rested her mind the children could not beat deal on real cbd oil Cbd Oil For Sleep if she doesn t go to school she will watch over the children and ask ai zhen to go to lu.

Slightly to block lu ze s sight as soon as she finished speaking xiao wu in her arms spat out his rations after eating zhou aizhen immediately pulled off her clothes and stood up holding.

Logistics of the no 1 family area lu ze will the basic situation is simple zhou aizhen heard 4000mg cbd oil bottle that no family area has logistics and then asked are the three logistics together not together lu.

Been watching the child so she carefully picked up the child and let them watch mother my brother is so ugly lingling glanced at her younger brother in her mother s arms again there was.

Looking at the child lu ze turned sideways to let him in quick let me see my godson seeing lu ze mentioning the child han jianguo couldn t wait to see it quickly put down the things in your.

Took the note looked at the number on it and looked up at her sister aizhen our land is together thinking of going to grow vegetables with sister aizhen every day in the can you get a rash from cbd oil future the sadness in.

And took the initiative to call out uncle cao seeing lingling obediently calling him uncle cao does solana beach cvs sell cbd oil lin wanted to rub her head but he had luggage in his hand and goudan in his arms no shot when.

While when I go back zhou aizhen thanked .

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can you get a rash from cbd oil Cbd Gummy Reviews, Cbd Gummies For Kids beat deal on real cbd oil Cbd Gummies For Kids. them .

Will Cbd Hemp Oil Get You High

can you get a rash from cbd oil Cbd Gummy Reviews, Cbd Gummies For Kids beat deal on real cbd oil Cbd Gummies For Kids. all over again while lu ze on one side get up and send a few people out zhou aizhen put the child beside the bed and as soon as she put down the.

They reached the top floor standing on the top of leifeng pagoda the field of vision is very wide and you can see the scenery of the west lake zhou ai is really afraid of heights and after.

They got dressed they went to the bathroom one after the other seeing her son in law getting up so early li s mother didn t say much well every time he comes back from a mission he has to.

The strong visual impact made zhou aizhen freeze in place why doesn t he take a shower without locking the .

Can Worx Cbd Oil ?

How Much Cbd Oil To Lower Blood Glucose ?can you get a rash from cbd oil Cbd Gummy Reviews, Cbd Gummies For Kids beat deal on real cbd oil Cbd Gummies For Kids.
How Much Cbd Oil Cost At Cigarette Discount Outlet ?Wyld Cbd Gummies Review beat deal on real cbd oil, can you get a rash from cbd oil Does Cbd Help Sleep Best Cbd Oil For Sleep.
Do Cbd Gummies Have A Shelf Life ?beat deal on real cbd oil Cbd Oil Sleep Best Cbd Gummies For Sleep can you get a rash from cbd oil Godoy Cordoba.
Does Cbd Oil Help Anxiety And Ocd ?Wyld Cbd Gummies Review beat deal on real cbd oil, can you get a rash from cbd oil Does Cbd Help Sleep Best Cbd Oil For Sleep.
Can I Use Cbd Oil If I Am On Warfarin ?can you get a rash from cbd oil Cbd Gummy Reviews, Cbd Gummies For Kids beat deal on real cbd oil Cbd Gummies For Kids.
What Does Cbd Oil Do To Dogs ?Wyld Cbd Gummies Review beat deal on real cbd oil, can you get a rash from cbd oil Does Cbd Help Sleep Best Cbd Oil For Sleep.

Wyld Cbd Gummies Review beat deal on real cbd oil, can you get a rash from cbd oil Does Cbd Help Sleep Best Cbd Oil For Sleep. door just before she slows down when he was overwhelmed the door was closed by daan.

Was time for dinner the neighbors who gathered around said goodbye zhou s mother was thinking about her son in law and she was also anxious to return home go say goodbye to a few people in.

Lowered my head and didn t dare to look any more zhou aizhen smiled at cao mei after she shouted and greeted her after finishing speaking I saw cao lin s younger sister put her head down and.

Turned her head and said tomorrow I will teach you how to use the abacus guo hong felt very embarrassed when she thought that she had spent the whole morning just learning the abacus aizhen.

Her hands circled around his stamina why did you come back so late today did something happen on the way the car is driving slowly because of the strong wind and rain lu ze was afraid that.

Talking to her and the person who was talking to her was their neighbor downstairs su mei just cut come back zhou aizhen replied cut it off or you can you get a rash from cbd oil will suffer when you are .

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What Is Cbd Gummies can you get a rash from cbd oil Best Cbd For Sleep, beat deal on real cbd oil. in confinement su.

No longer worried zhou aizhen pushed her small body to let her play and after she walked a few steps she followed mother li into her room two people enter no one spoke and the room fell.

Ze increased the strength of her hand zhou aizhen s mouth was squeezed into pouting why zhou aizhen s voice was a bit vague lu ze turned his head slightly moved to her ear opened his mouth.

After eating zhou aizhen and lu ze packed up the things that daan needed to go to school and took daan to school when the door opened a gust of heat the waves rushed towards us and the sun.

Overwhelmed with patients at the end of march just when everyone couldn t hold on anymore the food from above was distributed and the base slowly resumed its former bustle zhou aizhen looks.

Was still very hot aizhen we talked while walking zhou aizhen nodded and the two of them walked with their children and talked I have been thinking about letting you come to the pig farm to.

But it was too late to divide the land and I missed the time to plant sweet potatoes wait until next year after zhou aizhen finished speaking thinking that the three years next year would.

Something to say sorry I kept everyone waiting for a long time I will send out red envelopes in the comments of this chapter see you at night xiao hua zhou aizhen saw cao hua carrying water.

Money at home so he probably won t need his passbook are you coming back tonight lu ze not coming back the task is urgent and there are still many things that have not been dealt with he.

Notice that she learned about the habit in the team without then wait pull da an and lingling to follow behind them and walk forward at the foot of the mountain best cbd oil for stuttering wang guihua turned her head.

Said gratefully sister aizhen please help me thank captain lu she didn t dare to thank lu ze alone every time .

Does Cbd Oil Help With Anxioty

Wyld Cbd Gummies Review beat deal on real cbd oil, can you get a rash from cbd oil Does Cbd Help Sleep Best Cbd Oil For Sleep. lu ze looked at her expressionlessly she was terrified seeing that cao hua is cbd hemp oil legal in india was.

Had just retreated surged up again the two looked at each other for a few moments she was defeated first and turned her blushing face sideways no let go .

Is Cbd Oil Good For Afib ?

  • 1.Can A Dog Take Human Cbd Oil
  • 2.Will Cbd Oil Help With Asthma And Copd
  • 3.Can You Drink Water After Having Cbd Oil
  • 4.Does Cbd Oil Help With Cramps
  • 5.Can I Put Cbd Oil In My Belly Button
  • 6.Does Cbd Oil Need To Be In Dark Jars
  • 7.Does Cbd Oil Improve Libido

When To Take Cbd Oil For Sleep can you get a rash from cbd oil Godoy Cordoba beat deal on real cbd oil How Long Do Cbd Gummies Last. as soon as she finished speaking cao.

Side the children are waiting at home da an and lingling were arguing to come to her from time to time in the afternoon what he didn t say was that he also looked in the direction of.

Back dumbfounded the quarrel in front became louder and more people surrounded her the older he got he worried it won t be a fight zhou aizhen looked at the crowd and shook her head probably.

The family she didn t know if she could succeed so she was a little nervous for a while my mother is here to take care of the children at home so I ll try if I m free zhou aizhen looked at.

Into his arms put his chin against the top of her hair and closed his eyes the author has something to say the red envelope in the last chapter was already early the next morning lu ze got.

His mouth has the appointment been made before lu ze came back he heard from the team that he would be ready when lu ze came back this time transferred to the l military region everyone in.

Group of people just walked to the mountain next I heard the sound Cbd For Sleep Gummies can you get a rash from cbd oil of the horn followed by a sound from inside attention comrades attention comrades the loudspeaker kept playing this.

Objections to staying here for a few days seeing that aizhen agreed li s mother .

How Do You Take Cbd Oil Sublingually

When To Take Cbd Oil For Sleep can you get a rash from cbd oil Godoy Cordoba beat deal on real cbd oil How Long Do Cbd Gummies Last. breathed a sigh of relief the son in law should be fine mother li cheng may not be able to get here so don t.

I went to collect food in the morning is it true that the grain station is not allowed to buy food cao hua didn t go to collect food today but she heard them talk about it as soon as she.

Couldn t explain it so she turned over on the bed and looked at xiao wu beside her did you find that your father is a little strange zhou aizhen supported the bed with her hands and looked.

All about nothing what s the point of .

Where Can I Buy Cbd Gummies For Pain Uk

beat deal on real cbd oil Cbd Oil Sleep Best Cbd Gummies For Sleep can you get a rash from cbd oil Godoy Cordoba. talking about it seeing that she really wanted to talk about that feng yan quickly stopped her if there s nothing else I ll go back first zhou ai seeing.

Have too much hope seeing that li s mother was so happy zhou aizhen .

Where To Buy Cbd Oil In Plainfield Indiana

When To Take Cbd Oil For Sleep can you get a rash from cbd oil Godoy Cordoba beat deal on real cbd oil How Long Do Cbd Gummies Last. didn t know what to do I couldn t stop pouring cold water which unit to assign to see luck seeing her daughter s crow s.

Looked at the man in front of her she has no bad habits and is good for children niuniu mentioned him more than once in front of her and every time she mentioned him uncle cao was long and.

Humming lu ze lowered his head and the tip of their noses pressed against the tip of their noses the heat that just went down on zhou aizhen s face instantly returned climbed up this man is.

Her head and stroked the broken hair on her head I ll be back in a while after she finished speaking she went downstairs with her lunch box the woman who was cooking downstairs saw aizhen.

Thick straw paper on the small bench by the wall the most distressing thing for her in this era is the toilet paper at this time straw paper was divided into two grades one was special grade.

Coaxed the crying xiao wu to sleep so quickly seeing can you get a rash from cbd oil her daughter staring at her in shock with wide open eyes mother does cbd oil interact with vicaden li smiled and said I m so stupid I still can t get up it s almost noon.

Daughter here when zhou aizhen heard that it was exactly what she thought she said what she had thought up father is not in good health he and the third child are busy so come here if you are.

Door in the kitchen and turned to let the living room open daan went to open the door when daan opened the door he saw many uncles standing at the door several people standing at the door.

Herself based on her understanding of her daughter she does not take the son in law away and the .

What Dosage For Cbd Oil For Dogs ?

can you get a rash from cbd oil Cbd Gummy Reviews, Cbd Gummies For Kids beat deal on real cbd oil Cbd Gummies For Kids. daughter will bother the son in law in a while zhou aizhen zhou aizhen saw lu ze carrying.

Can sow seeds at such a young age that s amazing that s not right that kid in my family can only roll in the field everyone praised each other lingling sniffed grinned and showed a smile on.

Month has cbd oil for dogs buy can you get a rash from cbd oil trapped them at home and they can t go anywhere zhou aizhen comforted didn t you see this aizhen have you also heard about food guo hong leaned close to aizhen s ear her voice was.

People say it s run august mother come and help can cbd oil cause inflamation in the intestions me find it what are you looking for it was .

Is Cbd Oil Good For Neck Pain ?

When To Take Cbd Oil For Sleep can you get a rash from cbd oil Godoy Cordoba beat deal on real cbd oil How Long Do Cbd Gummies Last. .

Can Cbd Oil Cure Ms ?

beat deal on real cbd oil Cbd Oil Sleep Best Cbd Gummies For Sleep can you get a rash from cbd oil Godoy Cordoba. august in 1957 and may this year zhou aizhen who was pulling lingling heard about 57 and suddenly a.

And come back best ways to sell cbd oil to dry wang guihua saw that aizhen was going to dry wild vegetables what are you doing seeing wang guihua zhou aizhen didn t take it seriously put it in the sun and soak it.

Aizhen is really divorced what can I do in the future she just wants love to be real good day why is it so difficult to make the family happy if the people in the village knew that aizhen.

T like me lu moli hurriedly she waved her hand but she just twisted can you get a rash from cbd oil her foot it s nothing serious she can do the medicine and wine by herself zhou aizhen wiped off the medicinal wine said a.

Vegetables with your hands mother I want to eat meat tie dan pointed to the meat in front of his father mother hasn t bought meat for a long time he quarreled several times at home but.

Her she walked to her field took out vegetable seeds and scattered them on the can you get a rash from cbd oil ground mother I want to sow too lingling saw that the seeds fell to the ground when her mother dropped her hand.

Attention to him it will be ready in a while xiao wu cried and saw that no one paid attention to how does cbd oil help anxiety attacks him sniffed took his own bowl and chopsticks and put the rice in his mouth gulp stand up.

Moli was his eldest sister so she took his arm what is the difference between hemp and cbd wait after a while brother cao will be happy time is the best medicine lu ze hummed I may come back in a few days later he wants to persuade.

The sad little flower who was crying with her head down turned around and walked towards the door seeing that her son in law was going out mother li just wanted to ask him where he was going.

Nothing to ask lu zetu about I yawned and closed my eyes to sleep the next morning lu ze woke up at dawn got up washed up and went to the kitchen mother you have worked hard to take care of.

Zhou aizhen heard the movement and when she opened her eyes she saw that he seemed to be cleaning up the house and said I cleaned up this room when I came back this afternoon she swept the.

Sounded in the room and he let go of her hand zhou aizhen immediately stretched out her hand to push away lu ze who was pressing on him panicking he sat up in confusion and wanted to run.

When they got off the mountain they saw aizhen waiting for them with her child feng yan walked to zhou aizhen s side and saw that she was sweating wait it s been a long time seeing that they.

Exactly the same as the one she gave cao hua and she turned to look at lu ze on the side this is for her this is what he did for her sister aizhen hurry up and try it in the house if you.

Talk again you re welcome wang guihua thanked aizhen smiling from ear to ear she just loves to talk to love every time aizhen speaks politely she likes it seeing that her mother was going.

Coming in they looked at the two of them in unison you two line up behind them the woman turned Cbd For Sleep Gummies can you get a rash from cbd oil and went out after she finished speaking who are these two they look unfamiliar several people.

The balcony and saw that she was still motionless can t sleep lu moli was taken aback by the sudden voice seeing that it was cao lin who swallowed back the scream that came to her lips cao.

On the ground spread her legs and squatted down and took a shovel to dig wild vegetables the waist and stomach stood up after going back and forth several times she was too tired da an who.

Absorbed in her work that she didn t see jiang xiulan who was secretly sad director how much iron is in cbd oil wang licong after coming out of the office she went directly to zhou aizhen s desk and tapped on her desk.

Itchy the children are still there this person is getting more and more shameless zhou aizhen held his hand and told him to be honest you transferred can you join the army over there she.

By the way aizhen what is there for battalion commander han looking for you she went to aizhen in the morning to ask about this matter when I first came back I heard people said they were.

Is full of food now and it will take time to clean it out lu ze lowered his head slightly saw her looking towards the back room and followed her gaze wait for me to clean up when I come back.

His head in embarrassment I didn t see you when I went to xiaohua s house just now seeing her I thought it should be with you seeing that han jianguo was embarrassed zhou aizhen smiled.

Heard xiaohua s voice he took off the clothes on his body put on the shirt and tidied up the hem of the clothes okay come in hearing the response xiaohua stretched buy cbd oil for seizures for dogs out her hand to push open.

Glanced at han jianguo glanced at it knocked twice more still nothing happened he should have gone out seeing lu ze glaring at him han jianguo smiled instead of anger cao hua heard the.

The food at home is not enough so she is too busy later the third child is on vacation so I will arrange a rest and go to the city to buy food with him lu ze reassured her seeing that lu ze.

Small theater I heard you went to leifeng pagoda why didn t you take me with you zhou aizhen the author didn t let me get home it was already dark and li qiuyue fetched water for zhou.

Contained one yuan xiao wu who was on the side of the two looked at his brother and sister holding the red envelopes in their hands stomped his feet excitedly and was about to move towards.

The house the four of them walked on the way back at a very slow pace zhou aizhen looked at lu ze in front of her thinking that they had been out for two days will you go back tomorrow lu ze.

To her hometown today and lu ze told her this a few days ago thing cao lin s father broke his leg some time ago and there was no one to take care of him at home aunt cao had to go back to.

So I should commemorate it after receiving the salary it was exactly 5 30 cao hua and sister aizhen said a few words and the two went back to their respective homes lu ze returned home.