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Qinghui xu qinghui caught a glimpse of the finger marks on lin chuluo s wrist he wanted to grab it and felt it was inappropriate so he held .

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wolf penis erect Penis Enlargement Before After Extenze Male Enhancement vita x male enhancement Godoy Cordoba. back how did you do it when he.

And will not make you uncomfortable she is a very suitable husband li lulu thought about it in her heart wen dai s family background is not very good but he is motivated.

Fenggang the still happy heart sank instantly staring at he yi stubbornly he yi had the power vita x male enhancement Penis Enlargement Before After to sit next to lin chuluo and it was lin chuluo who called it personally qiao.

Go to the hospital to discuss the graduation thesis with a teacher at school and xu qinghui has no time to return to the dormitory instead it is the most stable xu shen is.

And shadow xu qinghui suddenly felt that the fireworks were more beautiful not as good as the person in penis extension surgury front of him lin chuluo returned to his senses and asked what xu.

Looked at the camera off camera wen wei and lin chuluo were whispering together again don t your medical students have a special mission for the school celebration wen yan.

Was terrifying vita x male enhancement you don t know how to hide how fast is the ball do you want your face the two spoke to lin chuluo sternly at the same time and lin chuluo smiled awkwardly.

Problem from beginning to end whether I scold or be scolded I deserve it penis exam erection why get involved on the head of another person as long as the video is released her id number is.

Yang shuang okay yang shuang just stay with me the charm of the school flower has not diminished but yang shuang was in love with his little brother so he ignored lin.

Partner went astray I suggest you go back and study the chinese chinese dictionary it s already messy enough here but there is a lin chuluo fan at the next table next to.

Yet useless because of this sentence lin chuluo was angry with he yi for a day and ignored he yi for a day he yi has changed and he has become rambunctious qiao feng didn t.

Of onlookers and criticism what are they doing oh the jiu liu media from the school was kicked out by the director ren and they are not willing to stay there with the.

Nothing chu luo s body is gentle and gentle and will not feel discomfort but it still exists then go to you in the office just borrow it it will be .

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What Would Happen If A Girl Took Penis Enlargment Pills ?Penis Enlargement Cream vita x male enhancement Godoy Cordoba wolf penis erect Male Enhancement Pills At Walmart.
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vita x male enhancement Walgreens Male Enhancement, Male Enhancement Walmart wolf penis erect Natural Male Enhancement. ready in about five.

Caused by the scandal how can other ordinary people bear it even if the id number is erased in case the passers by who play the game will remember her online my id has been.

Cut his body in half and get into the car fortunately qiao feng appeared he was driving the coach s car and waved his hands all the way to lin chuluo and said hey what are.

Unhurriedly or even a little warmly occasionally in a daze have their own small emotions wen wei admires lin chuluo took double credits he was the busiest and most.

S hair up due to static electricity the coming hair is pressed down xu qinghui stood in front of him wen wei smiled back leaving only a meaningful look in his eyes xu shen.

Went back to the dormitory and took a shower early to recharge the batteries he has five charging treasures if the other people in the dormitory can t come back in time he.

Wanted to slow down slow down but dad lin moved very quickly he was about to send someone out so he could only negotiate with him at the last minute but qiao feng came up.

She was aggrieved yang shuang comforted her he is stupid and you are stupid too dressing is free didn t wen dian look down on you and you didn t do anything against the law.

Discovered that some of his friends deliberately sold his whereabouts to black fans with heyi s temper he would not sit idly by approached the friend and questioned the.

There s nothing to say I ve dreamed about it so I m skilled huo chen pursed his lips and answered succinctly but he was embarrassed he felt his face heat up slightly he.

He wouldn t drink it nodding yao shuyu stood up paying attention to wen dian the coffee on the side you have so much milk tea can I drink coffee did not speak lin chuluo.

In the company but dad lin did not give him look good dad lin s life was not good he was arrested by qiao feng when he came home at night was stared at by wen wei when he.

A lady umbrella the umbrella was given to him by wen dian smart male enhance boost shark tank after the convenience store s mobile phone was charged to 20 lin chuluo met wen wei who was off the .

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wolf penis erect Side Effects Of Male Enhancement Pills (Best Over The Counter Ed Pills That Work Fast) vita x male enhancement Godoy Cordoba. night shift.

Really beautiful if someone used it with him he wouldn t be afraid of what other people would say dancingly holding the thermos cup I didn t know what to say so I just said.

Protect ranran they didn t understand that his ranran was very good so he wouldn t be so bad when ranran told him very seriously however if he said that he was not playing.

His seat he turned on the electricity the brain played a soothing song turned on the phone viagra pill for men cvs and browsed the school forum lin chuluo didn t take a close look at li shijia s.

Dad lin arranged his overthe counter male enhancement future path very well especially perfect at that time you when I am mature I have accumulated a certain amount of experience when I go outside and I am.

Smile at me which is no longer played in 80 of rhino gel kindergartens thinking no one was there he ran away loudly and crashed into the bathroom xu qinghui came out he just sang.

Tv station forced lin chuluo to grow up and he saw the pressure of tv station competition he saw it for a show an anchor who has ripped his face a female employee who has.

Li shijia you can t beat p nis me in anything whether it s broadcasting or games all of them are my defeats li shijia blushed with anger and he had nothing to refute from the.

Lips and finally closed it perhaps for the current lin chuluo he doesn t like the four of them and wen dai who has the best relationship with lin chuluo is like so how.

Anchor li said their relationship faded anchor li sighed when he saw lin chuluo s increasingly ugly face let s go I ll take you outside to play for a while .

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African Penis Enlargement vita x male enhancement Penis Enlargement Exercise, wolf penis erect. relax lin chuluo.

Sat down next to huo chen well reviewed pills for ed and listened to them quietly huo did I hear it right you sex drive pills at walmart asked us out mainly for this huo chen s friends couldn t believe it when they heard what.

Could he xu qinghui be ranked number one in front of lin chuluo putting aside the miscellaneous thoughts he talked about the purpose of coming to lin chuluo in the first.

Chuluo went to see it the cat was sleeping on grandpa s lap seeing the long lost master xiao bo jumped off the ground and rubbed around lin chuluo for a while before.

S a long time it s long enough qinghui waited outside and entered the gym in a hurry there are many people in the venue and xu qinghui can always find lin chuluo right away.

Address book at eight o clock in the evening wen yan came to a japanese restaurant and he invited .

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Penis Enlargement Cream vita x male enhancement Godoy Cordoba wolf penis erect Male Enhancement Pills At Walmart. a senior to have dinner nearby the senior returned from studying abroad to.

Days a surprise was arranged for lin chuluo and even the professor gave him advice later the entire research institute took his confession to a discussion meeting and.

With vita x male enhancement his mobile phone scandalous after wen wei left he met his classmates in their department and warmly greeted him he greeted him chuluo are you penile enlargement procedure eating here are you alone.

Lin chuluo s side he still has hope doesn t he it was just an accident he just missed the appointment xu qinghui just arrived and lin chuluo just lost control their hugs.

Handsome guy like yi is no longer excited only embarrassment he yi clenched his fists in the cold winter god his palms were all sweaty well then what what can you tell me.

The hospital there was not enough to rent it out wen dian didn t say anything and went to the county after staying in the hospital for several months every time I go back.

Qiao feng was keeping up wen wei always found interesting topics to attract attention with lin chuluo s attention lin chuluo forgot about qiao feng and only remembered when.

Rain is pouring down and no big umbrella can resist its offensive he yi came out for over the counter last longer in bed pills ten minutes his Does Penis Enlargement Work vita x male enhancement lower body was soaked but he still didn t stop running on the side of.

Disgusting so he concealed it but now he doesn t need to hide of course he finally likes him too qiao ran s face suddenly became hot my mother it was marked by him at that.

Xu qinghui do you like me the author has something to say thank you for your support bow thanks at 20 during 22 10 2205 02 16 2022 10 2305 03 13 the little angel who voted.

Coming li lulu wailed why are you dating people so closely yang shuang me too no do you know how difficult it is to contact xu shen openly let him dove I can dare not.

Screamed because of his zen power male enhancement landing after he yi landed steadily his index finger was vita x male enhancement raised to his lips and the audience was silent welcometomyownplace welcome to my .

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vita x male enhancement Extenze Male Enhancement Pills, (Best Ed Pills Non Prescription) wolf penis erect Penis Enlargement Pills. lord field.

Mathematics department and asked where xu qinghui was some people said that it was in the library and lin chuluo went to the library after rummaging through the library but.

Break it then what do you say now yang shuang weak proposal fair competition wen yan sneered he has confessed today can it still be called fair why does my penis hurt when its erect competition he yi scorned i.

Qinghui returned to the store panting the liveliness of the hot pot restaurant still exists but there what does extenze do was a brief silence when xu qinghui entered the restaurant the.

Goddess he liked I have a goddess that I like very much but she has gone astray now I am so sad qiao feng burped and sniffed do you understand how I feel very sad wen dai.

All over his body when he ultimate forza erection pills moves he has a headache in addition the injuries on his feet need to rest the doctor s suggestion is to observe the hospital for one night first.

With han liang s help lin chuluo didn t wake up and xu qinghui carried him vita x male enhancement all the way to their dormitory in the opposite building han liang was able to live in the.

Thoughts very well sometimes he dad is a tough vita x male enhancement guy he protects him very carefully he never allows him to learn how to broadcast he really loves lin chuluo and finally can.

Chuluo is not easy to disturb even yang shuang has a boyfriend friends don t care about him lin chuluo had a lot of thoughts to talk about about his new dormitory roommate.

Hour and a half maxsize male enhancement pills reviews before the competition and many people lined up outside the door this promotion match is more terrifying than before 300 into 30 only those who can make it.

Shocked he had been with he yi for a short time but he knew about lin chuluo he came only when he yi was sick guarding at night vita x male enhancement I often heard he yi s name shouting in his.

Was to find lin chuluo lin chuluo became a reporter outside the news station of the tv station he went to various places every day he finally gained some weight in school.

Were brainwashed more and more successfully by li shijia it seems that lin chuluo is as senior li said hmph he is not a good person or will senior qiao feng dislike him.

Refuses to go out no matter what dad lin says it is useless since he won the award in the national host contest the tv station performer8 reviews has kept inviting invitations and dad lin.

That lin chuluo was gone the assistant held up the phone and wanted to cry without tears I didn t believe it for a while number the next day lin chuluo asked for leave from.

Clean up wen wei s hygiene wen yan s things are neatly arranged basically do not need to clean up only need to take out the garbage even the bed is vita x male enhancement Penis Enlargement Before After made but the students in.

Qiao feng he s at the national stadium the assistant said awkwardly leo only said to pick you up lin chuluo wondered where s qiao feng did you send another car maybe lin.

Him saying that most of the dormitory environments are similar each has its own things and they get along happily there are also some dormitories that vita x male enhancement tend to be more.

To the toilet independently in the morning and nothing happened eating I can order takeout for dinner and pay someone to bring it up it s not just money I have enough in my.

Dormitory don t make the school girl unhappy he s a fan there are a lot of silks one day your deeds are picked up on the campus forum I am afraid you will not see the moon.

Approaching and lin chuluo went back to his hometown to celebrate the new year the hometown is much colder than the urban area lin chuluo stays in the house every day and.

Performance I ll find someone else to take me he yi replied with a fierce tone who told you to find someone else can t you fight yourself lin chuluo oh okay okay maybe it.

Necessary to pull you li lulu was stunned what is this she flipped through the book at will all of which were cases of going to sea .

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Penis Enlargement Cream vita x male enhancement Godoy Cordoba wolf penis erect Male Enhancement Pills At Walmart. due to difficulties and finally going.

Everyone for staying up late and working overtime Does Penis Enlargement Work vita x male enhancement not to mention their salary is not much regarding the quality control of male enhancement trial offer outsiders lin chuluo rudely replied big star didn.

Showed two pear dimples I think you look a bit silly now xu qinghui touched his face is he stupid lin chuluo laughed even more happily I m even more stupid now xu qinghui.

Thoughts about your doctor wen just now instead of vita x male enhancement asking the client he picked a soft persimmon and squeezed it li shijia used this trick very well don t be afraid if.

To chuluo today every word came out like it was fried medicine perhaps in a bad mood who made our school flower angry the scene of lin chuluo s answer to his classmate was.

Identity was revealed that night and wen wei was already afraid he was too afraid of lin chuluo s indifference towards him and he did not have the calmness of xu qinghui xu.

Screenshot for me is there really five kills really really of the system broadcasts amid the shock their game ended successfully lin chuluo was about to leave after a round.

Few paragraphs of pictures and text that do not need new links it is too simple xu qinghui asked the person who had access to the computer to look at the program code of.

For himself besides yao shuyu is very likely the girl wen dao likes no no perfect penis erection I heard that the girl wen yan was looking for disappeared and yao shuyu was always by his side who.

Feelings this is the only one overturned and the only one a wild queen who takes him to the top I told you how many ranks to vita x male enhancement buy skins for the other party when li shijia.

The game but he still had a grudge wen dai was too fickle and he might turn into the indifferent wen dai penis enlargement fat injection in the next second how did .

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(Male Enhancement Pills) vita x male enhancement Godoy Cordoba wolf penis erect Penis Enlargement Remedy. he know that when will wen yan be able.

Your speech is too ugly after hearing the whole thing lin chuluo was very angry and he asked professor xu the person who interviewed xu qinghui who is it lin s incident.

Puppet cat is lying on the ground turning over his belly and making two soft pleas you touch especially now when lin chuluo got into he yi s nanny car he yi naturally.

Busy and it is possible to ignore qinghui the louder the noise the more lin chuluo s head hurts he simply went to wash up and go out for a walk he was driving around.

Chen huo chen suddenly woke up when he heard qiao ran s cat like whimper in .

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vita x male enhancement Extenze Male Enhancement Pills, (Best Ed Pills Non Prescription) wolf penis erect Penis Enlargement Pills. the darkness the two people s breathing and breathing were penis enlargement treatment cost wrong lightly sweet taste seat.

Be fake that time the two of them had played games together more than once why do they pretend to be unfamiliar with lin chuluo now thinking of trying my luck to find clues.

Snacks plum shijia took advantage of this gap and entered the locker room of the gym there were not many people in the locker room only one or two li shijia quickly found.

Eyes those eyes were revealing white light watching lin chuluo wen dian slept he dreamed that there was a person sitting next to him the person s voice was soft soothing.

In a while the old man randomly checked the recitation of the confession words xu qinghui immediately stood up straight and began to recite but was interrupted at the.

Flirt with wen ai flirting online you don t understand the more you can t see it the more you can imagine yang shuang dealt with it casually and li lulu really believed it.

Another day and I have to press the word count to get on the clip so the word count of today s chapter is still quite impressive a moment s waist the next update time is.

All the way and sat in the position agreed with wen dian wen yan was very busy and the two of them had relatively few appointments in half .

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Penis Enlargement Cream vita x male enhancement Godoy Cordoba wolf penis erect Male Enhancement Pills At Walmart. a year usually lin chuluo came.

People delayed for too long and qiao feng and he yi found them qiao feng I m going what are the three of you doing he yi wore sunglasses and a mask you still play games.

Was thinking about what kind of girl you like xu qinghui stopped his mouth was open but he didn t speak after several times vita x male enhancement when he was about to say it lin chuluo the topic.

Scolding after clearing the troops in the early stage it is the best to go to the top lane to help the top laner you come to the bottom lane to rub against my troops how.

Atmosphere just like he did in the dormitory later he found that no matter how he mobilized the atmosphere the people in the dormitory ignored him and gradually he didn t.

Chuluo would reply or not this is the tenderness that belongs to lin chuluo qiao feng knew that he was reluctant to be so gentle after finishing the rest Godoy Cordoba vita x male enhancement of the meal he ran.

Wen wei the plan couldn t keep up with the changes yang shuang didn t know that as soon as this account went .

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African Penis Enlargement vita x male enhancement Penis Enlargement Exercise, wolf penis erect. online lin chuluo s four bosses were so excited qiao feng and.

Extra standout the other contestants were all two or two but the three of them attracted a lot of attention qiao feng was nothing to do he yi could see that he was in a bad.

Why does he still keep lin chuluo is embarrassed he has to pretend he vita x male enhancement doesn t know when not seeing it I don t like it who would like such an ugly watch but I like it xu.

Wen dai yao shuyu took the packing bag for lin chuluo on her own initiative and whispered to wen dai wen dai you learn my brother is here to find you lin chuluo could only.

The horn honked on the side of the road the car door opened and vita x male enhancement xu qinghui came down chu luo wen dai s heart tensed he was annoyed by his hesitation lin chuluo spoke on the.

Find that wen wei was also there compared with xu qinghui he and wen yan have more conversations the two formed a bunch and lin chuluo asked wow what are you doing for busy.

This is didn t you hit me in this friendly basketball game no one seemed to pay attention to who won and everyone s discussion was all about lin chuluo he yi took a wet.

There fascinated wen wei asked what s wrong lin chuluo shook his head it s nothing I ll buy it for you if you like it lin vita x male enhancement Penis Enlargement Before After chuluo still refused he with a smile he said no.

For lin chuluo s game account and vrox male enhancement side effects penis enlargement surgery scars password entered the game and pretended to be li lulu in the name of li lulu lin chuluo was playing with confusion soon all four of them.

This wen yan did not speak he turned to turning around he happened to bump into yang shuang s shocked face he smiled and said yang shuang stop pretending I most popular penis enlargement methid know that.

Top ranked figures in the a rank there .

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(Male Enhancement Pills) vita x male enhancement Godoy Cordoba wolf penis erect Penis Enlargement Remedy. are not a few girls who like wen yan and there are many who like xu qinghui his father there must be a mistake the person who can be.

Flipped through the roster oh there is also a mathematics department you can take care of him what is the name of a god he lives there but after he graduates they have a.

Boring people like lin chuluo who accompanied his father usually he put lin chuluo in the office and he was busy in the hospital lin chuluo is very handsome hi with a good.

Took out his phone to ask why send me flowers lin chuluo quickly received a reply because I like you the author has something to say I have to stop tomorrow it s been.

School flower of university a is worthy of being a school flower you guys walk slowly I will give you a set of all round close ups for the school beauty the classmates in.

Qiao feng the group of girls around lin chuluo turned and ran towards Quick Flow Male Enhancement Reviews wolf penis erect qiao feng I m your fan and I often watch your game videos can I ask how many abs you have can you.

Center of the love circle dressed in a suit given to him by han liang looking like a successful high class person he shouted upstairs lin chuluo han liang was dissatisfied.

In his hand which vita x male enhancement Penis Enlargement Before After should be his graduation thesis I know what you re going to say yang shuang choked let s go let s go to the cafeteria and say I ll invite you to dinner.

Performance of being carried away by love yesterday I .

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vita x male enhancement Extenze Male Enhancement Pills, (Best Ed Pills Non Prescription) wolf penis erect Penis Enlargement Pills. happily said that I was in Penis Enlargement Surgery Cost vita x male enhancement love with qiao ran and then went on a date today and now I am trying to prove it what kind.

And the woman was educating him it should be he yi s most hated broker what kind of school do you live in how many days can you stay at the school don t mess with men and.

To let lin chuluo pass so he slammed into lin chuluo s arm and wiped it lin chuluo scratched his forehead and thought where did he offend qiao feng they had a good chat.

Having illusions about me xu qinghui didn t say anything what squeeze his hand tighter the two stood in front of qiao feng together their hands never letting go qiao feng s.

Hospital lin chuluo asked him if he needed help wen yan said no lin chuluo didn t well say more wen yan won t you live in the dormitory next semester well I booked a room.

The laboratory holding the phone let s go han liang said wait for me lin chuluo suddenly stopped han liang I ll go get something soon it disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Super popular boy group oneday recently he is very handsome and he is a typical god for food but his personality is too difficult to get along with for the development of.

Number can be bought the shelf clerk compared the number thirty three thousand lin chuluo s eyes were about to pop out a cat and cat hanger doll actually cost 3 000 yuan a.

Could only squat at the door how did xu qinghui get out of dad lin s company glancing at xu qinghui s clothes he immediately understood this has to start with lin chuluo s.

Dormitory with few people with both hands on his knees I think you are right what about the school beauties his brother knew that he and wolf penis erect How Does Penis Enlargement Surgery Work lin chuluo were in the same.

It vita x male enhancement Penis Enlargement Before After if I like it huan I vita x male enhancement also like him penis sheath penis extender erection enlarger enhancer sleeve girth extender very much the doll is really good looking or the skin of the swan dream I ll take a picture for you lin chuluo are you size of a penis having a brain.

To li shijia is qiao feng the voices of the two were low and .

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Penis Enlargement Cream vita x male enhancement Godoy Cordoba wolf penis erect Male Enhancement Pills At Walmart. she was far away yang shuang tried to get close to listen thinking in his heart when will li shijia talk to.

He came over he was pressed tightly by qiao feng and kept nagging in his ear uncle you are wolf penis erect How Does Penis Enlargement Surgery Work really going to exercise or else report at our gym every morning come on I ll.

Do you have any comments no no I m going to work now doctor li yours the report hasn t been given to me yet I ll give it to you now wen wei sat back in her seat rubbing her.

Heavily in the dark he blushed and lay back in his arms huo chen I m sorry I was just jealous just now there is vita x male enhancement also possessiveness talking about love is stupid but if you.

Shuang was very uncomfortable after more than a few times lin chuluo naturally has an opinion he yi I have friends I can t accompany you to eat all the time he yi wore.

Behind him dragged his back you can stay with him for a few days he is not in a stable mood xu qinghui said in a low voice no one likes to accompany another rival in love.

Sue guess what yang shuang disliked that which oil is best for pennis growth in world the food here was too oily and secretly ordered penis erects at high angle hard to push down forum a cup of ice cream for himself what s the matter lin chuluo confiscated her ice.

Around him after drinking tea you have to protect his ranran and can t bully his ranran this is also his selfishness more importantly he was afraid that penis enlargement surgery how he would be afraid.

Got a little nervous when qiao ran asked this then he blushed and shook his head before he just made a note the word baby he did not dare to hope but after last night he.

Lin chuluo took several days off and he was lying on the bed on crutches qiao feng was still kneeling as long as he turned sideways he could see qiao feng s tall body.

Heard the movement of others in the penis doesnt get fully erect corridor the photographer turned off the light and the strong light dissipated lin chuluo shook his head his eyes finally didn t hurt so.

Know how to live or die he said the best penis enlargement oil politely you don t have to rest if you are deaf don t ask me to treat it I can t cure it the doctor s original intention was for he yi s.

What s inside .

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(Male Enhancement Pills) vita x male enhancement Godoy Cordoba wolf penis erect Penis Enlargement Remedy. is what he thinks is lulu and what s on the information is lulu who has been investigated who is he going to choose the author has something to say today is.

His student by his side for a while and learned more than in the past at school and in the hospital wen yan admired this teacher very much and the medical papers were.

Little angel who voted for me or irrigated the nutrient solution thanks to the little angel who irrigated the nutrient solution 10 what are natural herb penis enlargments bottles of jiushengqingzhi 2 bottles of.

Needed a bodyguard lin chuluo refused this interview was not very smooth he yi looked at him with too hot eyes and lin chuluo didn t like it very much he thought that he yi.

Yesterday I apologize to you lin chuluo waved his hand generously I m not angry but you told me sorry you must have done something wrong and I reluctantly accept your.

Book and approached it the words written on it were not words he could not understand but some rich young master pressed a certain girl to kiss lin chuluo stretched out.

Out that this is a big star quality do you think you Penis Enlargement Surgery Cost vita x male enhancement are having a good time who still likes this kind of trash star leo is heyi lin chuluo flipped through the wb and the.

All surprised what kind of ecstasy soup did li shijia give them one of the juniors spit out what he thought was the suffering li shijia had suffered our senior li is more.

Shijia li shijia seeing that the atmosphere of this land was not right he started a new round of slander against lin chuluo we don t know if you are not here his name is.

Thin pajamas fortunately the hotel is very confidential or else he will be photographed by the paparazzi he stepped a step and shrank back and lin chuluo pulled him .

How Long Does Sex Pill Headache Last ?

  • 1.How Long To Extend For Per Session Penis Enlargement
  • 2.Can Male Enhancement Pills Cause Urethritis

Penis Enlargement Cream vita x male enhancement Godoy Cordoba wolf penis erect Male Enhancement Pills At Walmart. and.

Dormitory after the stinky penis extreme erect pic problems of dad lin were completely cured it was almost a month since the start of school today is a big day for the society lin chuluo arrived.

Hehe thank you for your support bow thank you to the little angel who voted for me or irrigated nutrient solution during 2022 09 2823 52 29 2022 09 3017 27 53 thank you the.

Him to watch horror the movie he didn t watch it Quick Flow Male Enhancement Reviews wolf penis erect either well it s really similar huo chen held qiao ran s hand and comforted him silently he finally understood what mu bai.

Nowhere snatched the sausage from his hand and took a big bite why are you here lin chuluo s sausage was gone stared at yang shuang and asked why are you here he just.