Teams that anticipate have the advantage; that is why it is necessary to diagnose, measure and manage the risk of every single move

At Godoy Córdoba, in addition to having an extraordinary legal team at our service, we have the support of business managers, engineers, among other professionals with the best possible tools to measure labor legal risks.

services rendered by the unit

Services rendered by the unit

  • Internal audit: we diagnose your practices with the Company´s direct personnel.
  • Due Diligence: Quantifies the contingencies of labor matters in a company, with the purpose of purchase or merger.
  • PLR: Certification in good labor practices, in association with ICONTEC INTERNATIONAL.
  • Assurance options with contractors and third parties:
    • Labor audits: Punctual and periodic revisions of the contractor´s labor practices.
    • In-house attorney for contractor supervision: Systematic revision of the contractor´s labor practices, when the contract begins, during its execution and operation, and at the moment of closure.

Services modalities

unitary price for each activity

Unitary price for each activity (audit, findings closure, etc.).


global value for each project

Global value for each project (expressed in installments or global value with billing milestones).



We are constantly working in order to provide a service that will let you stay one step ahead so that you can identify, manage and minimize the risk of your labor relations with third parties. That is why we developed ARCO, a technological tool that lets you determine if your projects´ contractors actually do comply, or not, with their legal obligations, in an agile, simple, amicable and attractive manner.