The likelihood of winning increases when you have the best players in your team

At Godoy Córdoba, we have a team that is exclusively dedicated to litigation, headed by two partners: Gustavo Gnecco, former magistrate of the labor cassation chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice, and Andrés DaCosta.

Our litigation methods conceptualize defense strategies, prior analysis of economic, strategic and political risks; which help us determine the lawsuit´s convenience.

Our Client Portal shows the status of litigations entrusted to us in real time, with probabilities of success, a report of the lawsuit´s pretensions, and a digital file for each of the documents proper to the proceedings.


  • Tutelas
  • Labour ordinary processes


  • Appeals
  • Oppositions
  • Special processes (removal of immunity, strike illegality, cancellation of union sectional, among others).


  • Action for nullity and reestablishment of the secondary legislation of fines against:
    • UGPP
    • SENA
    • ICBF
    • Ministry of Labor


  • Litigation concepts
  • Legal representation

Services modalities



Individual rates for each litigation, within and outside Bogotá



Monthly installments in order to manage a specific number of processes (ranges), no matter the instance in which they´re at.



We are always one step ahead and committed to offering you the best service. That is why we developed DOMO, a technological solution that will let you measure the risks of your legal activity.