Effectively managing the health and safety of your workers requires more than one perspective.

From an interdisciplinary approach (medical- labour) we will support you in prevention, intervention, and management of medical origin inabilities; its impact on labor and organizational costs with an emphasis on health jurisdictions, through 3 main thematic axes.

Who is Gressa?

Gressa is an expert consultant in medical science, which aims to provide health for development in organizations. In its beginnings, Gressa developed different projects in its area of practice, ranging from insurance to entities, such as Nueva EPS, to the accompaniment of one of the most important health projects of the time: The Luis Carlos Sarmiento Angulo Cancer Treatment and Research. Amidst the pandemic, it has taken its philosophy of contributing to the country with passion, to large companies, in different sectors, protecting the health of her collaborators, families and suppliers; protecting in turn the economy of thousands of colombians.

Occupational Health and Safety Management System:

Receive support in the continuous improvement of the HSEQ, its implementation and evaluation.


Occupational diseases and disabilities:

Diminishes the impact associated with legal, productive, economic and, in some cases, fraud around occupational diseases.

Psychosocial Risk Battery:

Establishes the presence or absence of psychosocial risk factors, at an occupational and non-occupational dimension.

Biosafety protocols:

Get adequate advice to protect the health of your employees, face the challenges of the pandemic, and maintain the continuity of your business and its operation.

Services modalities

valor global por proyecto

Overall value per project

Global value for each project (expressed in installments or global value with billing milestones).

proyectos especiales

Individual tariff