Prepare your next move

Friday, January 10, 2020

With the correct pieces, at the right time, the endgame is yours.

Remember that, in addition to having the support of a team of experts skilled on labor disputes, and attorneys specialized by sectors, now you can manage your litigations as never before.

DOMO, our technology solution, was conceived so that you can assess the risk of your clients´ judicial activity and:

  • Identify the most common reasons they are sued for.
  • Identify the reasons that motivate the higher-sum lawsuits.
  • Know about the places with the highest judicial activity in the country.
  • Determine how much our clients owe for convictions.
  • Identify which disputes are practically won or lost.

With DOMO live the litigation as never before.

Domo – El litigio como nunca antes from Godoy Córdoba on Vimeo.