Camila Gaitán

Camila Gaitán



  • Lawyer from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana with emphasis in business law. 
  • Specialist in labor law from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana.
  • She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Human Resources Management at the University of Rioja, Spain.

Work experience

  • She has more than 4 years of experience in labor consulting for companies of different sectors and investigation care before the Ministry of Labor. She has also participated in due diligence processes in the framework of corporate transactions. She is currently part of the consulting team of Santiago Martínez’s portfolio.
  • Assistant professor in the Specialization in Labor Law at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana.


  • Order of Academic Merit from the Pontifical Javeriana University.
  • Order of Academic Merit scholarship from the Pontifical Javeriana University.
  • First place in the Saber Test 2013.