Fausto Villalba

Fausto Villalba



  • Fausto has a law degree from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana with an emphasis on Business Law.
  • He is studying the degree of specialization in Labor Law of the same university.
  • He has a course focused on the treatment of  workplace harassment.

Work experience

  • Fausto has more than a year of experience in labor law and social security firms, he has worked in advisory units, litigation and research.
  • He has been a researcher for the Labor Law Observatory of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, in collaboration with the Corporación Excelencia en la Justicia.


  • He received an honorable mention for the presentation of the paper “El desarrollo del derecho a la intimidad en el trabajo como construcción jurisprudencial: evolución histórica y cambio de paradigma frente a los objetivos de la OIT” in the framework of the “VI Encuentro Nacional de semilleros de investigación en derecho del trabajo y de la seguridad social”. 
  • He obtained the third position in the X Meeting of Research Seedlings of Labor Law and Social Security.