We bet on the development of our people

Friday, January 10, 2020

We are committed to our clients and our people. This is not only a value that defines part of our brand, it has also strengthened itself as the philosophy for the initiatives we set forth in our Firm, both inwards and outwards.

The Godoy Córdoba University has been a dream of ours for a very long time now, but developing certain projects takes longer than others. This one, in particular, responds to a need within the Firm´s strategy to provide ourselves with the best possible talent on the market, so we can render our services.

That is the best way for us to scale our business, grow and maintain our leading role within the market, because, at the end of the day, professional service companies owe ourselves to our people.

A strategy to for talent development was fundamental within the business model, and our corporate university rises to collect all the efforts we make in scope, to gather them in a methodology, in a specific order, and in concepts we can all benefit from.

The first version of the Godoy Córdoba University has been left behind. We hope to continue to consolidate this project, which seeks to develop our teams´ abilities and get them closer to their best version. In the next cycle, we will dig deep into a few issues that we have been working on and we will include others, always aiming to strengthen new skills. There is no doubt that the time we invested in this initial cycle taught us great lessons that will serve as the foundations for the continuing consolidation of this project, which is inspired on our people.

Universidad Godoy Córdoba – comprometidos con el desarrollo del talento from Godoy Córdoba on Vimeo.